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Cooling comfort like a summer breeze

Air Mesh close upAir Mesh close up

On hot summer days, pets just want to stay cool just like us. While the shearling bedding is great for cold and moderate temperatures, sometimes it is just too hot to use during summer months.

When we think of comfort on hot summer days, we think of lounging under a shaded area in a hammock. Pets feel the same way and just want to have some relief from the heat. We developed the Air Mesh Hammock for this very reason.

We chose a mesh material that allows air circulation all around your pet. It is a highly durable polyester mesh that simply zips into a Sleepypod. The Air Mesh suspends your pet above the base to provide cool and relaxing comfort.

Air Mesh bedding for hot weather along with Ultra Plush shearling and electrical warmer for cold weather completes the Sleepypod system for 4 seasons of everyday use. This is the most complete pet bed ever developed. Your pet will be comfortable and content either at home or on the go.

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Sleepypod Bedding (Black Air Mesh)
Price: $48.99 Inc GST
Air Mesh Bedding