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Sleepypod Australia
Designer Pet Beds and Luxury Pet Products

Your pet is part of you and your lifestyle. Naturally, you want the very best for them. More than ever before, travelling with pets are part of our everyday outings, journeys and holidays.

At Sleepypod, we understand how important your pet's comfort is to you, and to them. Sleepypod luxury pet products are multiple award-winning pet travel solutions that allow your pet to come with you everywhere in pure comfort and style. Our designer dog and cat beds offer supreme luxury for your pet while keeping them as safe as possible. All of our carriers can be secured in your car using a seatbelt. We also crash test all of our products to make sure your pet’s safety is ensured.

Our luxury pet products offer you the best of comfort, style and safety brought together to make travelling fun and free from danger. Sleepypod carriers are the most innovative pet products on the market: they are both a pet bed and a carrier – meaning travelling will now be a stress-free experience for you and your pet. Because your pet is familiar with the bed, travelling in it will not cause stress as a sturdy carrier associated with negative experiences such as trips to the vet or the kennel would.